Emerging commercial and fashion photographer. Watch me learn to creatively crawl, walk, run and fly.

Welcome to my shiny new photography blog. It’s my first ever blog entry. Firstly, let me detail what content will feature on my blog, so you can make a considered choice of whether you add my URL to your favourites bar or not.

I’m inviting photography enthusiasts to ride shotgun with me on my journey from photography graduate to professional photographer. I’ll be treating this blog like a diary, musing about my ups and downs in the vibrant and cut throat world of commercial and fashion photography. Along the way I’ll also be sharing my latest images, my inspirations, my creative processes, and my news.

I arduously devoted myself to my photography studies, and I’m happy to report I was well rewarded for my efforts at my recent college graduation. I was awarded my diploma of photo imaging at distinction level; graduating as dux of my year and winning a TAFE NSW Student Achievement Award for my studies. I was pleasantly surprised when a considerable prize accompanied my diploma and academic award; that being a waste high, professional grade, eight cartridge Canon printer, wrapped in cellophane and with a bow on top. Now all I’ve got to do is rob a bank and I’ll be able to afford the ink it needs to run. A big thanks to Sydney TAFE (Ultimo Campus) and Sun Studios for my behemoth printer and the box my cat’s are obsessed with!

Tomorrow I’ll be assisting a commercial photographer shoot some interiors of a residential development. For those of you who don’t know what the role of a photographer’s assistant entails, it’s more or less a glamorous take on slavery. A photographer’s assistant carries heavy equipment, sets up lighting and acts as a second pair of hands for the photographer. Essentially a donkey that can make a coffee. Assisting days always prove exhausting and humbling, but they balance out being educational and inspiring. There’s no better platform to learn the trade secrets of photography and getting paid for the privilege sweetens the deal. I’ll need to remind myself of this however when my alarm kicks my sleepy arse out of bed at 4am tomorrow morning! If you’re curious of many disks I’ll slip tomorrow, I’ll have a full injury breakdown when I discuss the shoot in my next blog entry. I hope to have your readership and your sympathy.

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